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GTA Spano, one of the main features at DriveClub

GTA Spano will be one of the main cars in the DriveClub video game, the driving game developed by Evolution Studios for Playstation 4, which will be launched on 8th October.

The long-awaited video game, published exclusively by Sony Computer Entertainment, and launched in Madrid yesterday for the specialist media, is presented as one of the most realistic and amazing video games of recent times thanks to its graphic and gamability potential.

DriveClub creates clubs of 6 players in all and which can compete as a team. It also customises names, emblems and colours, among other features.

This video game, which allows online races with up to 12 players, includes tracks worldwide, such as the UK, Norway, Canada, India or Chile, among others.

Driveclub has been developed to make full use of online game functionalities, including several challenges, and with 50 cars divided into four categories: sport, performance, super and hyper.

Manufactured by Spanish company Spania GTA, GTA Spano is a limited edition of 99 vehicles. Its engine has 925 hp and 1220 Nm torque. This car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and has a top speed over 370 km/h. Its chassis has been created by combining carbon fibres, titanium and Kevlar, which has become a reference in the automobile sector thanks to its great rigidity and lightness.



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