Innovation and Technology


The chassis has been one of aspects on which special emphasis has been placed while constructingSpano. State-of-the-art technologies have been applied to the automobile world, thus making Spano not only one of the few cars in the world with aeronautical components, but also a reference on the automobile scene.
The chassis has been built completely out of carbon fibre, graphene, titanium and kevlar, whose rigidity is four times greater than that of today’s presently commercialised supersport cars, which offers the best level of safety. With this technology, the weight of the monocoque is less than 80 kg, while total weight is 1,350 kg, with all the liquids and the most convenient equipment on board.

Thanks to its special chassis outline and the materials used, GTA has great traction capacity and is easy to drive, unlike what one might think of a car whose power is 900 hp. In this case, it offers a turning circle of 10.8 metres to assist driving, with very impressive manoeuvrability.

To bring this huge potential to a standstill, GTA´s braking system includes 380 mm-diameter carbon ceramic ventilated disc brakes and 6-piston callipers supplied by AP Racing, with pneumatic assistance and ABS. GTA Spano also has a sophisticated traction control system.

Tyres are officially supplied by Michelin thanks to the collaboration agreement between both companies. In this way, GTA Spano has Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres 265/35 on 19" front wheels and 345/30 tyres on 20" rear wheels. Spano also offers self-adjusting shock absorbers which are capable of raising the car by up to 8 cm to avoid potholes and regular speed bumps on roads, and to facilitate access to garages. It also has twin trapezium suspension, which enables all kinds of adjustments.


Spania GTA has created a new technology in the glass industry owing to the constant work done to improve technical aspects and towards new developments. This work capacity positions our enterprise in the forefront as far as this technique is concerned in both the automotive field and also in the field where research is required and is to be then applied to our field: the automobile.The investment we have made in both electronics and the glass curving and lamination production processes has resulted in unprecedented state-of-the-art glass technology for the automobile industry.

Special features of the glass types created by Spania GTA include:

  • Opacity control
  • Electronic glass regulation
  • Infraredradiation
  • UV protection
  • High armour-plating absorption capacity
  • Protection of glass against reflections and dazzle.


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